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Test devices

Leanplum allows you to preview messages or variable changes on a test device before deploying changes to your audience. We highly recommend that you preview changes on a test device prior to sending out a campaign.

Registering a phone or computer as a test device allows you to:

  • sync new or updated variables
  • preview campaigns actions and A/B tests on a real device


You can register a maximum of 50 test devices per app. If previews aren't delivering to your test devices, you may need to unregister some until you have 50 or fewer.

Register your test device

There are two ways to register your device. Developers can run a development build of your app on the device to register. Non-developer users can find their device in the Users dashboard and register it from their profile page.

Run a development build. Run a development build of your app on your device, then go to the Devices page of the dashboard and register your device.

To navigate to the Devices page, click More in the sidebar and select "Test Devices." Then, hover over your device and click the Register button.

Register your existing user profile. If you have access to your Device ID or User ID, you can search for it directly. Otherwise, use segmentation to narrow down the list of devices and find your User ID.

To find your own User ID in Leanplum:

  1. Navigate to the Users dashboard.
  2. On your device, open the app for which you need a User ID, then background the app. You can now apply filters or segmentation to find your User ID.
  3. Add a segment for Localization > City and enter the city you are in.
  4. Add another segment for Timing > Session start in your current timezone. Specify the timing to be "since 5 minutes ago."
  5. Click the search icon to see the User IDs matching the segmentation you have defined. You can verify that you have the correct ID by clicking on the User ID(s) below and matching the user profile info to your device.
  6. Click Register as a test device.

Unregister a test device

In the Users tab, search for registered test devices by adding a segment for Test devices, then specify either "All developer devices" or "Registered test devices." The latter lets you search for a single test device based on the Leanplum account it is registered to.

Once you find the user account, click the Unregister button.


Unregistering this device will not delete your user profile or any user activity data that your user has sent to Leanplum. Unregistering simply revokes access to add or modify variables or send test push notifications.

Preview messages on your test device

To preview a message, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have registered your test device.
  2. Navigate to the message you would like to preview in your campaign.
  3. Click the eye button on the right side of the screen to view this message on your registered developer devices. This will send the preview to all devices shared by your User ID.


Users running a build with development key and registered test device can preview all types of messages β€” these previews will not create send events. Users running a build with a production key and registered test device can preview only push notifications.

Testing your messages as a team

We recommend previewing all messages prior to activation. Here is one way to ensure your message is set up as you intended:

  1. Create a Saved Segment for any members of your team that will help preview messages. You can use user Ids or the user attribute for email to add users to the segment.
  1. Navigate to the message you would like to preview.
  2. Ensure the message type, targets, delivery options, and custom options (message copy, open action, etc.) are set to your liking.
  3. Under targets, add the Saved Segment.
  1. Click Send Now for a push or Start for an in-app message. Your QA team in the Saved Segment should receive the message when they meet the delivery criteria.
  2. Confirm that you are satisfied with the timing and appearance of the message on your device.
  3. When you are ready to send the message to your actual users, simply remove the Saved Segment and update the targeting criteria. If you want to QA your targeting criteria, click on the Users link that appears to the right of the Targets section. You should see a list of all users that are currently eligible for that campaign.

If you have any questions on best practices for previewing your messages, please reach out to [email protected].

"Active for test devices" for triggered messages

If you have a triggered message that is unpublished or paused with unpublished changes, you'll see another option below Send Preview: "Active for test devices."

  • If checked, your unpublished changes will be sent as the preview (when its trigger occurs).
  • If unchecked, the published changes (previous version) will be sent (when its trigger occurs).


Active for test devices only appears for messages with a triggered delivery (i.e., triggered email, app inbox, push, and all in-app messages). Scheduled and immediate messages can only be previewed with the "Send Preview" command.

Remember: You must complete the trigger (that you set) to see the preview of a triggered message.

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Test devices

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