Unity SDK 6.0.0

The Leanplum Unity SDK 6.0.0 wraps the CleverTap Unity SDK to enable the migration to CleverTap. For questions, migration requirements, and possibilities, reach out to your point of contact at Leanplum.


  • Leanplum iOS SDK 6.1.1 (uses CleverTap iOS SDK 5.0.1)
  • Leanplum Android SDK 7.2.0 (uses CleverTap Android SDK 5.0.0)
  • CleverTap Unity SDK 2.4.0

Note that the CleverTap iOS and Android SDKs are used through Leanplum iOS and Android SDKs (not through CleverTap Unity SDK).


The iOS Plugin now includes CleverTap-iOS-SDK and SDWebImage xcframeworks. Those xcframeworks are dependencies of the Leanplum iOS SDK.


The Android plugin now includes the CleverTap Android SDK.


  • Android 13 is used as targetSDK for the bridge Android module.


  • The suffix of the FCM module name is changed from androidLib to androidlib with all letters lowercase, because of a compilation issue in Unity 2021.
  • The IL_CPP_BUILD_SETUP placeholder was added to mainTemplate.gradle to fix compilation issue after exporting project for ARM64 architecture.



CleverTap SDK instance will be created and launched/initialized by Leanplum SDK. Do not initialize CleverTap manually. You do not need to set any CleverTap keys in Unity.

If you want to do any CleverTap configurations or call CleverTap SDK directly, you need to do that inside the CleverTapReady callback. This ensures CleverTap is initialized and ready:

Leanplum.CleverTapInstanceReady += () =>
    // record basic event with no properties

If you want to use CleverTap Callbacks, setup the CleverTapUnity Game Object:

Create an empty game object (GameObject > Create Empty) and rename it as CleverTapUnity. Add Assets/CleverTapUnity/CleverTapUnity-Scripts/CleverTapUnity.cs as a component of the CleverTapUnity GameObject.

Do not set any CleverTap keys. Do not launch or initialize CleverTap inside CleverTapUnity.cs. Leanplum will do that for you.

The CleverTap callbacks need to be implemented in theCleverTapUnity.cs.

How to record events with properties, or push profile properties, follow the CleverTap Developer documentation here.