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iOS 14 Updates

Posted by Nikola Zagorchev about a month ago

iOS 14 comes with new features and a new focus on user privacy. It introduces a new way of dealing with IDFA identifiers and tracking of users across sessions and apps.
Important changes:

Leanplum iOS SDK 3.0.0 Swift changes

Posted by Nikola Zagorchev 2 months ago

Leanplum iOS SDK version 3.0.0 releases a number of improvements for Swift.
There are several classes, methods, and parameters that have been changed to be more Swift friendly.

Leanplum iOS 13 compatibility

Posted by Eleni Misthos about a year ago

With the latest update to iOS 13, Apple introduced changes to push token data, location permissions, and Bluetooth settings. In response, Leanplum has made changes to our SDK and for this to continue to work, you will need to update to the latest version of our SDK. Below are the changes you will see in each area.

SDK release notes

Posted by Eleni Misthos about a year ago

See Leanplum's latest SDK release notes:

Custom push notification swizzling for iOS

Posted by Mayank Sanganeria about a year ago

By default, Leanplum's iOS SDK uses method swizzling to collect push tokens. If your iOS app has multiple different SDKs installed that attempt to swizzle the push methods, it can cause problems where some push notification methods are not called.