Export Raw Data via Python Scripts [Sample: API]

See examples for exporting the raw data via the api as well as the S3 buckets.

The dataExport script performs the following two calls: exportData and getExportResults.

The exportData portion of the script takes the input of a startDate, AppId, and exportKey.

  • The AppId and exportKey can be found in Keys and Settings.
  • The startDate is the date in which you hope to extract data.

The dataExport call returns a jobId that will be needed to perform the getExportedResults. Once you’ve inputted the keys, then the script will perform the API call. The script will print a message until a jobId is returned.

The script will then perform the getExportResults call, and save the data in files titled with the startDate, dataExport, and file number (large data results will break it into multiple files).

For example, if you did a dataExport for November 18th, 2015 then the file will be labeled as 20151118dataExport0.