In-app messaging

Leanplum comes with a number of in-app message templates out of the box in the SDK. The standard message types include alerts, confirmation, popup, and full-screen interstitial messages. We leverage the existing framework, depending on platform, meaning they are all open source and flexible. This means you can either use our out-of-box solutions or customize your own; either editing those in the SDK or by creating your own templates.

To enable in-app messaging, you will simple only need to integrate the Leanplum SDK and run your app at least once in development mode.

Once you finish with the SDK initial setup, you will be able to trigger in-app messages based on any custom event you send to Leanplum OR any lifecycle event the Leanplum SDK captures (ie: app starts). For any message triggered on a custom event you send to Leanplum, that event must be tracked from our SDK on the mobile client. After that no additional implementation would be required.


In-App Events Trigger

Currently, In-app messages cannot be triggered via events sent via our REST API, events are required to come from the client with the SDK