Client keys

Every Leanplum app you create will have its own set of API keys (found in App Settings > Keys & Settings). You'll use the clientKey to authenticate your API requests. Each key has different permissions. Below is the list of keys and the use for each key. Each API method will list which clientKey to use in that method's description.


clientKey Use


track sessions, states, set user or device attributes, etc.


import CSV data, delete users, set variables, etc.

Data Export

export user data, messaging and a/b test reports, etc.

Content Read-only

get message and a/b test information, etc.


Use secure key handling practices 🔐

You should take all possible measures to keep your Leanplum API keys safe and secure — always send your Keys and any other secure data in the request body when making post requests. Follow these recommendations for more security best practices.