exportData schema (csv, S3 bucket)

Our exportData API method, if called with exportFormat = csv or part of an S3 export, produces several csv files with the following schema.


The CSV export produces separate files for sessions, states, events, event parameters, and user attributes.


sessionIdBIGINTunique session ID for the current session
userIdVARCHAR(400)user ID
userBucketINTLP-assigned user bucket
userStartTIMESTAMPstart time of the user's first session
countryVARCHAR(256)user's current country
regionVARCHAR(256)user's current region
cityVARCHAR(256)user's current city
startTIMESTAMPstart time of session information
durationTIMESTAMPthe duration of the current session in seconds (e.g. 19.254)
latREALlatitude of current location
lonREALlongitude of current location
localeVARCHAR(256)user's locale, includes language and country set on the device (e.g. en_US)
timezoneVARCHAR(256)user's timezone
timezoneOffsetDECIMAL(7,2)offset of user's timezone
appVersionVARCHAR(128)current app version
clientVARCHAR(50)current client version
sdkVersionVARCHAR(128)SDK version
osNameVARCHAR(512)OS name
osVersionVARCHAR(512)OS version
deviceModelVARCHAR(512)model of user's device
browserNameVARCHAR(512)user's web browser
browserVersionVARCHAR(512)version of user's web browser
deviceIdVARCHAR(512)device ID
priorEventsBIGINTnumber of prior events
priorSessionsBIGINTnumber of prior sessions
priorTimeSpentInAppDECIMAL(12,2)total time of previous session(s)
priorStatesBIGINTnumber of prior states
isDeveloperBOOLEANis developer flag
isSessionBOOLEANis session flag
sourcePublisherIdVARCHAR(200)attribution source publisher ID
sourcePublisherVARCHAR(200)attribution source publisher
sourceSubPublisherVARCHAR(200)attribution source sub-publisher
sourceSiteVARCHAR(200)attribution source site
sourceCampaignVARCHAR(200)attribution source campaign
sourceAdGroupVARCHAR(200)attribution source ad group
sourceAdVARCHAR(200)attribution source ad

User attributes

sessionIdBIGINTthe ID of the matching session
nameVARCHAR(256)the name of the user attribute
valueVARCHAR(512)the value of the user attribute


experimentIdBIGINTunique experiment ID for the A/B test
sessionIdBIGINTthe ID of the matching session
variantIdBIGINTthe variant ID the user is entered in within the A/B test


stateIdBIGINTunique state ID
sessionIdBIGINTthe ID of the matching session
stateNameVARCHAR(256)the name of the state
startTIMESTAMPthe start time within the state
durationDECIMAL(10,2)time within state
infoVARCHAR(1024)any info attached to the state
timeUntilFirstForUserDECIMAL(12,2)total time before state occurrence, would be null value if this is not the first occurrence


eventIdBIGINTunique event ID
stateIdBIGINTthe ID of the matching state, if any
sessionIdBIGINTthe ID of the matching session
eventNameVARCHAR(256)the name of the event
startTIMESTAMPthe start time of the event
valueFLOATvalue of the event
infoVARCHAR(1024)any info attached to the event
timeUntilFirstForUserDECIMAL(12,2)total time before event occurrence, would be null value if this is not the first occurrence


eventIdVARCHARthe ID of the matching event
nameVARCHAR(256)the name of the event parameter
valueVARCHAR(512)the value of the parameter