multi (CSV)

Imports a (potentially large) CSV file with API actions to be executed. The file will be imported asynchronously as a job. Use getMultiResults to get the job status. This method requires your development API clientKey. See CSV uploads for more on using multi to upload user attributes, events, and device attributes.

The file should contain a header row with the API argument names that are found in the API documentation, such as userId, deviceId, and action (if defaultAction is not specified). To indicate nested JSON arguments, use a dot within the column name, such as userAttributes.Gender.


The file is broken into separate API requests that contain batches of 50 actions. Each unique user lookup in a batch is a billable API call. See billing and costs for more.


Whitespace in File

Leading and trailing whitespace in the userId column will not be trimmed. This can cause unintended new user profiles to be created if you are not careful.