Account and team settings

Teams, roles, and permissions

In Leanplum, everything is structured under teams - your apps and users are added to teams. One of the teams is named after your company and has the status of a Main Team.

To view your Account and Team settings, select the Account & Team item from the My Account dropdown.


My Account dropdown


The Company-level navigation replaces the App-level dashboard navigation.

Manage Teams

Below is information actions you can take to manage your team

Main Team

The main team represents the root company entity available in Leanplum. The team is denoted with a MAIN badge following the team name. This team has all the features that a regular team has (add or remove users; add or remove apps). However, Leanplum users cannot rename or delete it.

To Delete or Rename the MAIN team, contact your CSM or Account manager.

Create a new team

To create a new team:

  1. Click the Create Team button
  2. Edit the team name at the top of the page (name defaults to “My Company, Inc”)
  3. Begin adding team members


When a new team is created in the Leanplum dashboard, we use the MAIN team to check the user's permissions.

When changes are made for an existing team (e.g. invite a new member, remove user), we check the user's permissions (the user that is making those changes) within the current team (the team where we are making the changes).

Delete a team

To protect your data, a team cannot be deleted if it has one or more apps in Leanplum.

To delete a team:

  1. Delete every app in the team
  2. Return to Team settings (Account & Teams -> Team) and click the trash icon next to the team name.


Leanplum users cannot delete the MAIN team, as it is the root entity for a company using Leanplum. To Delete or Rename the MAIN team, contact your CSM or Account manager.

Add a new team member

To add a new team member:

  1. Click Invite New Member at the top right corner
  2. In the new table to, type in the team member's full name, email address, and role
  3. Click the + icon to send this new member an email invitation to the team
    • If new to Leanplum, the user needs to register after opening the invitation link.

Change a team member's role

To edit an existing team member's role:

  1. Click the edit icon next to their name.
  2. A dropdown menu appears allowing you to assign a different role to that member.
  3. Click the checkmark icon to apply the change.

The roles dropdown menu lists the standard Leanplum roles and any Custom roles you have created. Each role has different permissions (read, draft, publish, etc.) for different areas of Leanplum.

The standard Leanplum roles are:

AdminFull access.
ViewerCan view content and analytics but cannot make changes or view API keys.
MemberCan view and edit content, analytics and API keys. Cannot create or delete apps or team information.
MarketerCan edit analytics, edit messages, and view other content but cannot view API keys.
AnalystCan edit analytics (create & edit reports) and view content but cannot view API keys.


Admin Level Permissions

Be very careful when giving Admin privileges in Leanplum. Admins can make changes to team members (including permissions and user role) and even delete your app (and its data) altogether.

Remove a team member

To remove a team member from the team, click the trash icon next to the team member's name.
Removed users can no longer view or edit your Team's Leanplum apps. You can always re-add them later.

Restrict Leanplum access by IP address

You can restrict access to the Leanplum dashboard to a specific IP address as an added security feature. Restricting access will prevent team members who aren't on your IP address from accessing your team's dashboard.

To set your Team's IP restriction, go to Team settings and click the edit icon.
If there is more than one team at your organization, you'll have to set each team's IP restriction individually.