Mixpanel Cohorts

When using Leanplum together with Mixpanel, customers can benefit from product analytics in Mixpanel and create user cohorts there, and then sync these cohorts to Leanplum where they will be available as connected audiences to use for Campaigns and A/B tests.

Getting Started

In order to get started, make sure the Leanplum Integration is enabled in your Mixpanel project or contact your CSM at Mixpanel to get it enabled.

Next, in your Leanplum dashboard, go to Partner Integrations -> Mixpanel and generate a new Secret. Make sure to specify whether Leanplum should create Non-Existing users (Non-Existing users, whose user ID as reported by Mixpanel does not presently exist in Leanplum).

Pick up your Leanplum App ID and newly generated secret and enter the credentials as you are setting up the Leanplum Integration in Mixpanel (App ID goes into Username, Secret goes into Password)


After completing the Set up, the status of your integration will be set to "Connected" and it will be operational.

Syncing a cohort to Leanplum

To sync a Mixpanel cohort to Leanplum, go to your Cohorts page in Mixpanel. Select the cohort you want to sync, go to its More settings (...) and select "Export to Leanplum".


Mixpanel to Leanplum User Id mapping

Before syncing a cohort to Leanplum make sure that you have set up a partner user id mapping in Mixpanel. This would ensure that users synced from Mixpanel will match existing users in Leanplum. For more information, please check Mixpanel's documentation.

You will have the chance to select between a one-time sync and an automatic sync. Upon confirmation, the sync will begin.

Please, allow up to 30 minutes for the cohort and the users in it to populate in your Audiences dashboard in Leanplum. Audiences synced from Mixpanel will have a "MIXPANEL: " prefix. Following the initial sync, users in the cohort will be updated every 15 minutes from Mixpanel.


Up to 150 connected audiences

The Mixpanel Cohorts integration allows up to 150 audiences to be connected to Leanplum. If you approach this limit, please consider disconnecting or deleting some cohorts in Mixpanel.