Segment Destination

Leanplum is a Segment Destination, which means that you can connect various Segment Sources to us and send all the data you need to run an effective customer engagement program in Leanplum.

You can use Leanplum as a destination to send both server-side and client-side data using one of the integration options we support.

SDK Integration

Set up client-side data collection and leverage the messaging capabilities of the Leanplum SDK.

Read more about this integration.

Server-side Page, Track, Identify

Set up server-side tracking from Segment to Leanplum. Read more about each of the supported methods:

Sending As Supplemental Events

By default, Segment will send events to Leanplum as part of a user's session. To send your events to Leanplum as non-session related events (such as sending historical events), go to your Destination settings in Segment and toggle to track those events as Supplemental Events.



Send Computed Traits or Audiences created through Segment Personas to your Leanplum Destination.

Read more on getting started with Personas.