Radar integration

Radar is the leading geofencing and location tracking platform. You can use Radar's [SDKs] and [APIs] to build a wide range of location-based product and service experiences, including pickup and delivery tracking, location-triggered notifications, location verification, store locators, address autocomplete, and more.

With this integration, Radar will send custom events and user attributes to Leanplum in real time whenever events are generated. Common use cases:

  • Location-triggered messaging: Send a push notification in real time as a user walks into your store or restaurant, a competitive location, a partner merchant, and airport or event venue, or any other place relevant to your business.
  • Location-Informed App Personalization: Use in-app messaging to contextualize the app experience based on where the user is currently located. Create more powerful A/B tests by limiting them to a specific location.
  • Trip Tracking with Arrival Notifications: When a user places an order for pickup, use Radar to track the trip and send Leanplum-enabled arrival notifications to the user and/or staff which reduces customer wait times, optimizes operational efficiency, and for restaurants ensures food freshness.

Set up the integration

  1. In Leanplum, go to App Settings and click Keys & Settings for your app.

  2. Copy your App ID, Production Key, and Development Key.

  3. On the Radar Integrations page, under Leanplum, set Enabled to "Yes" and paste the App ID and API keys.

The Radar Test environment will automatically map to the Development environment in Leanplum, and the Radar Live environment will automatically map to the Production environment.

Whenever events are generated, Radar will call track and setUserAttributes to send events and user attributes to Leanplum.

See Radar's Integration Reference for details about how user mapping and event mapping translate to Leanplum.