How to drive daily active users with time-based reminders

This example sends a message to all users who booked a flight two hours before their scheduled departure time, providing a travel guide.

  1. Go to the Campaigns tab of the dashboard. Click Create Campaign and select Single message campaign type.
  2. Choose Push Notification type. Name the campaign. For example: “Reminder Push Notification”.
  3. Under Audience, select “All Users.”
  4. Customize the message. For instance, "Hey {{firstName}}, your flight to {{city}} is in a few hours. Here's your travel guide."
  5. Define the Open Action to be "Open URL."
  6. For the URL, add a deeplink that is dynamically customized. See our Personalize message content article for more about customizing deeplinks.
  7. Under Delivery, choose “Triggered.” Set the trigger to “User triggers event,” and define the trigger event (e.g., Event > "Flight Booked").
  8. Set the message to Deliver with 2 hours delay.
  9. Change the time parameter from "after trigger" to "before time parameter."
  10. Enter the time parameter value. This will dictate when to send the message with the right delivery timing (for example, "Flight time").
  11. Publish the campaign.