[What's New] Single Message Campaigns

Create individual message campaigns with ease and leverage all the benefits of our Campaigns product.

All Campaigns created via the Single Message experience can benefit from our recently released features such as:

  • Campaigns Overview and Campaign Results
  • Recency & Frequency for Scheduled Campaigns
  • CSV Export of campaign results
  • Email Drag & Drop editor
  • and much more...

What's New

New Top Navigation

The new top menu enhances the product structure and eases navigation between different sections. Admin-related functionalities are separated from the main app dashboard into a different product area, allowing the user to focus on the most important and repetitive daily tasks.




Switch between apps
To switch to another app, click on the app name in the upper-left area of the screen.




Manage teams, apps, and billing
To update your user profile or manage teams, click on the User icon in the top-right area of the screen.




Any of the items in the dropdown leads to the Administrative area of the product where you can

  • update your user profile
  • manage teams and user roles & permissions
  • manage apps and update app settings
  • see detailed billing information



Messaging is now under Campaigns

This is only a navigation change. It addition, it is renamed from Messaging to Messages.



New "Create Campaign" dialog

A new "Create Campaign" dialog is introduced to facilitate the selection of:

  • campaign type (single vs. multi-message)
  • engagement channel (e.g. Push, Email, In-app)
  • channel template (e.g. Rich Interstitial In-app template)

The dialog appears right after the user clicks on the "Create Campaign" button on the Campaigns Overview page.




In this dialog, the user can also set the campaign name and goal (e.g. Onboarding).


Making changes after the campaign is created

Once the campaign is created, you might decide to make changes to the initial setup.

To change the campaign channel or template, click on the "Templates" button.

To change the campaign name and goal, open the "Campaign settings" dialog. Click on [⋯] -> Campaign Settings


Campaign type cannot be changed after the campaign is created

Conversion from a Single Message Campaign to a Multi-Message one is not supported.

New Single-page layout for Single Message Campaigns

Message, Audience, and Delivery settings are presented on a single screen. The stepper on top of the page enhances the single message campaign creation progress. It has a dual purpose:

  • allows a quick scroll through the different sections
  • provides validation information and hints on what's missing for a successful campaign setup





Single-page layout is also applied to Multi-message actions

The same single-page layout is now applied to the Action configuration panel in Multi-Message campaigns, providing a smoother experience during the setup of the action's Content, Sub-audience, and Sub-delivery.

Intuitive Message Personalization (Localization)
Send different versions of a message to different segments of your audience. For example, you could send a push notification in several languages by versioning the push notification for different audience segments.

Quickly jump between message edit and preview modes
A toggle button in the Message section header allows to quickly jump between message Edit and Preview modes.

Select from saved audiences or build custom ones
The audience for a new campaign is set to “All Users” by default. Narrow the audience by including or excluding an audience. Also, by defining additional rules from the Advanced Mode.

Learn more about Audiences in Campaigns

Instant Audience Insights
The Insights section helps you understand the target audience better.

You can see:

  • the total number of users that will receive the campaign
  • how many can receive emails or push notifications
  • how many have been active in the last 7 days.

To see actual insights data after defining the Audience, click the Refresh Data button in the upper right corner.

New Event picker

The new Event picker is used to select the campaign delivery or conversion events. The new UI exposes more options to allow faster configuration of events and triggering rules.



New Jinja editing experience

The "Insert Value" dialog is now improved with a new Jinja builder UI and a Preview area, easing the creation and validation of complex jinja expressions.