Enabling uninstall tracking

Leanplum automatically detects uninstalls based on whether the push token has been "unregistered" for a user. When an uninstall is detected, Leanplum will track an Uninstall event for that user. Tracking uninstalls this way requires that push notifications are enabled for your app.


How do Uninstalls work?

Leanplum runs a job every 24 hours to check for uninstalls. We only track an Uninstall if the response we get from Apple (APNS) or Google (Firebase) indicates that the user's push token is "Unregistered," which is caused by a user uninstalling the app. If a user disables notifications or the push token is invalid for any other reason, Leanplum will not track this as an Uninstall. See our Analytics FAQ for more info.

Firebase and/or APNS may not notify us of uninstalls right away, so it's best to track uninstall trends over longer periods of time rather than as an exact metric day-by-day.


Will Uninstalls affect billing?

Checking for uninstalls does not contribute to billing directly. However, if users track the Uninstall event, it counts as a single billable action. Without uninstall tracking enabled, users can track the Uninstall event only when we try to deliver a push campaign to them. They will also track the Bounce event for that campaign.

To enable uninstall tracking, navigate to the App Settings page.

Once in the App Settings page:

  1. Find the app you wish to enable uninstall tracking for and click on Keys & Settings


This requires your account to have Admin or Member privileges for that team.

  1. Click on the Push Notifications tab
  2. Scroll down to the Uninstall Tracking section
  3. Confirm that the checkbox next to Enable uninstall tracking is checked
  4. Click Done