Variables FAQ

Is there a size limit for a variable?

The only limit if that the total size of your variables must be < 1 MB. There is not a fixed maximum number of characters for a String.

Why are my variables not showing up?

Variables will only be updated from registered development devices. It's likely that your device is not registered. This can happen on simulators, where the device ID changes if you reset the simulator. To register your device, go to Account > Devices.

How do I maintain variables across different versions of my app?

The default values baked into your app appear in the "Defaults in code" column of the Variables page. They are set to the variables of the latest version of your app. However, the SDK uses whatever is provided in the code, not the "Defaults in code" values from our server.

For overridden variables, the SDK will ignore any variables it doesn't recognize, so if new variables are added in future versions of your app, the previous version will still work as expected. If a variable's meaning changes between versions, and you want to set distinct values for each, you can segment that variable by app version.