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Create a Campaign

To create a campaign draft, go to the Campaigns section and click New Campaign at the top left.

A campaign must have:

  • a Goal
  • a Target audience
  • a Delivery method
  • at least one Action

To publish the campaign, you have to complete all campaign composition and orchestration steps.

1. Select the goal (optional)

  1. Open the Goal tab (default when a new campaign is created)
  2. Select a Goal Category to help you organize your campaigns in the campaigns overview table.

For more information, see Goal.

2. Select the target audience

The campaign target audience determines which of your users can enter the campaign.

  1. Go to the Target Audience tab
  2. Use the + dropdown to create your target audience with segment criteria.


By default, the audience for a new campaign is set to All Users.

For more information, see Target Audience.

3. Select the delivery method

Delivery settings affect the first action in the campaign, as well as the end time of the overall campaign.

  1. Go to the Delivery tab
  2. Select:
    • Scheduled campaigns send the first action at a specific time
    • Triggered campaigns send the first action after users perform a specific Event
  3. You can also choose optional settings like Quiet hours from the Delivery tab

For more information, see Delivery.

4. Create the action(s) you want to deliver

  1. Go to the Actions tab

  2. Select the action type -- a message or another experience

  3. Edit action's Content, Sub-Audience, and Delivery.

  4. Add another action - optional

    Campaigns can include a series of multiple actions (a chain).

    1. To add more Actions, click the + button below your current action.

    2. You may want to create a separate path or branch for some users in your campaign.

      You create an action that asks if users would like to receive tips from your app. Depending on their choice, you show different actions.

For more information, see Actions.

5. Run an A/B test (optional)

Any campaign action can be A/B tested.

  1. Select the action you want to test and click A/B Test in the Preview area.
  2. Edit the settings for each variant in the split pane.
  3. Click the + button to add a new variant.

For more information, see A/B test your actions.

6. Review settings and start the campaign

When all tabs are completed without errors, the Start Campaign button is enabled. Click it to review the campaign in the summary confirmation dialog:

  • To start the campaign, in the summary confirmation dialog click Start Campaign.
  • To cancel campaign start and make additional edits, in the summary dialog click Cancel.

Campaign management options

From the ••• (More Options) dropdown you can:

  • Review and edit Campaign Settings such as Name and Labels
  • View Campaign Summary
  • Duplicate Campaign
  • Delete Campaign

For more information, see Managing Campaigns.

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Create a Campaign

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