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Campaign basics

Campaigns are at the center of everything you do in Leanplum. You use campaigns to create a single message, a complex chain of messages, an A/B test, or a combination of all these actions.

A campaign must have a goal, audience, delivery setting, and at least one action (an action can be a message, email, webhook or app function).

Create a new campaign

To start from scratch, go to the Campaigns tab, then click New Campaign at the top left.

Name the campaign. New campaigns will automatically be called "[Your Name] [time and date created]." Rename your campaign something more memorable by clicking the tab at the very top of the page.

Choose a campaign goal. In the Goal tab, select a Goal Category to help you organize your campaigns in the campaigns table. For more info, see Goal.

Goal category selector

Goal category selector

Choose the audience. The campaign audience determines which of your users can enter the campaign. Go to the Audience tab and use the + dropdown to create your target audience with segment criteria. Read more about how to set up your Audience.

See live previews of your campaign audience as you create it.

See live previews of your campaign audience as you create it.

Choose the delivery method. Delivery settings affect the first Action in the campaign, as well as the end time of the overall campaign. To send the first action at a set time, choose Scheduled. To send after users perform a specific Event, choose Triggered.

You can also choose optional settings like Quiet hours from the Delivery tab. For more info, see Delivery.

Choose the action(s) you want to deliver. You can choose a message or other experience as an action. Go to the Actions tab to get started. Read more on Actions.

Available actions

Available actions

After you select an action, you'll be able to edit its content, sub-audience, and delivery timing.

A/B test. Any campaign action can be A/B tested. Select the action you want to test, then click A/B Test in the upper right corner of the Preview area. In the split pane on the right, select each variant to edit its settings. Click the + icon to add a new variant. See A/B test your actions for more info.

Talk to your CSM if you are interested in activating our A/B testing feature!

Add another action (chain). Campaigns can include a series of multiple actions or messages (a chain). To add more actions, click the plus button below your current action.

You may want to create a separate path or branch for some users in your campaign. For example, users who select "yes" when asked if they'd like to receive tips from your app could receive additional messages in your campaign, while users who tap "no" will be exited from the walkthrough.

Chaining and branching actions in a campaign

Chaining and branching actions in a campaign

View campaign summary. Once you finish altering your campaign’s settings and actions, continue to the Summary tab to review. This will show you an overview of your entire campaign along with some high-level goal, audience, and delivery info. See Summary for more details.

Start the campaign. Go to Summary > Start when you are ready to launch the message.

Copy a campaign

Duplicating a campaign creates a copy of the campaign with all the same settings, actions, A/B tests, and recipients.

  1. Click the campaign title at the top of the screen (as if to rename the campaign) then click the "Duplicate" button.
  1. Select the app(s) you want to copy the campaign to (if applicable). By default, Leanplum will copy the campaign within the current app, but you can select other apps you have access to. Copying across apps is beneficial if you have a test campaign in your QA app, then copy it to your Production app when it's ready to send.
  1. Give your copied campaign a new name and click "Duplicate."

The duplicated campaign will open in draft mode. Before publishing, make sure your original settings are appropriate for the copied campaign — especially if it contains app-specific user segments or trigger events.

Delete a campaign

To permanently delete a campaign, click the campaign title at the top of the screen (as if to rename the campaign) then click the Delete button.

This will remove the campaign from your Leanplum dashboard, along with all related analytics, and cannot be undone.

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Campaign basics

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