How to get more five-star app ratings

With this messaging strategy you can increase your number of positive reviews in the app store.

First, ask the user whether they enjoy your app. A 'Yes' response will link the user to the app store to leave a positive review, while a 'No' response directs them to an internal feedback channel.

  1. Go to the Campaigns tab of the dashboard and click Create Campaign Name the campaign (e.g., “5 Star Rating Message”).
  2. Select In-App as the message type, and choose the “Confirm” template.
  3. Customize the message content to ask whether the user feels positively or negatively about your app.

Now, build out the actions chained to the 'Yes' and 'No' buttons.

  1. In the Accept Action box, select Request App rating.
  2. In the Cancel Action box, select Open URL and add a link to your internal feedback channel.
  3. Define any user segments, campaign triggers, and limits that you want.
  4. Start the campaign via the button in the upper right corner to set the messages live.