Sonamine provides AI-derived user scores to help companies predict future user behaviors.

By using this integration, teams can leverage Sonamine's AI scores with Leanplum's marketing automation tools to drive better audience engagement and manage user lifecycles. The integration works bidirectionally, meaning marketers can leverage Leanplum raw data to generate Sonamine user scores, and also load Sonamine user scores into Leanplum user attributes.

The Sonamine user attributes can then be used in all Leanplum engagement tools, including in-app messages, pushes, emails and webhooks.

Contact your CSM if you are interested in using this integration.

Leverage Leanplum Data into Sonamine Platform


  • App ID
  • Data Export Key or Production Key
  • Amazon S3 integration

Sonamine can generate AI user scores based on Leanplum data. The native integration allows Sonamine to retrieve Leanplum data via the exportData API call, or to read Leanplum data from the AWS S3 export function. This data retrieval is behind the scenes and totally seamless to you.

Loading Sonamine user scores into Leanplum


  • App ID
  • Production Key
  • user attribute names to store AI scores

After Sonamine user scores are generated, they can be loaded into Leanplum user attributes. Common user attributes are ConvertSoon and ChurnSoon, signifying users likely to make a first purchase or users likely to churn. This updating of Leanplum user attributes based on AI scores happens on a daily basis with no intervention, so you can set up evergreen Leanplum campaigns based on continually updated AI user scores.