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Campaign statuses

The campaign status indicates if the campaign is delivering to users. That is why we can think of it as “Campaign Delivery Status“.

Campaign Status

Status Indicator

Status Description


The campaign has not been published.


Campaign has been published, but scheduled start time is in the future (hasn’t elapsed) and the campaign is not delivering to users yet.

For campaigns with Manual delivery type, you need to call the startCampaign API action to deliver the campaign.


The campaign is delivering to users. Campaigns run from the moment delivery begins until the last possible action delivery passes for all your targeted users.

  • Triggered campaigns are always RUNNING, as they're always evaluating which users fit the campaign's target criteria.

  • Scheduled campaigns may display RUNNING outside of their scheduled time if you selected Optimal Time or User's Timezone delivery.


The campaign is currently paused.


Your campaign has ended, so is no longer being delivered to users. Either the End Date has passed or you manually clicked "End Campaign".

  • Once a campaign is finished, it cannot be restarted.
  • A finished campaign cannot be edited or renamed. You can, however, duplicate the campaign.

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Campaign statuses

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