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Set up push notifications

Push notifications require some additional setup to allow Leanplum to send notifications to users on your behalf.

Developer setup

Follow the relevant guide(s) below to setup Leanplum push notification support in your app.

After you complete the developer setup, you’ll need to update your Leanplum App Settings.

Update App Settings

Go to App Settings page, then click Keys & Settings next to your app's name. In the settings window, open the Push Notifications tab to view and edit the settings.


This requires your account to have Admin or Member privileges for your team

Adding push certificates

Upload your iOS certificates

To upload your Apple certificates, do the following:

  1. Add your sandbox key by clicking on Upload .p12 file
  2. Add your sandbox passphrase in the Sandbox passphrase field
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for your production certificate
  4. Click Done


Upload a Sandbox only certificate in the Sandbox field on the dashboard. The Production/Sandbox certificate combination should be used in the Production field.


For testing push notifications you need to have both your Sandbox key as well as your Production key set up.

Set your Google API key

If you use Firebase Cloud Messaging, you must set this to your Google Server API key. For more info, see how to set up Push notifications.

Set the default website for web push

Set the default website to your home page's URL for web push. If a custom open URL App function is not set after the push message, the user will be sent to your home page when they open the message. It's best practice to always set the Open URL action to open a specific page (a specific article or product), but the default website is necessary to ensure all web push notifications lead users to a page.

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Set up push notifications

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