Leanplum's user guides and developer documentation.

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Leanplum's user guides, SDK setup, API docs, and more resources are here to help you get the most out of A/B testing, Campaigns, Messaging, and Analytics.

Leanplum Help Center

Welcome to the Help Center! These docs are designed to help you set up Leanplum, leverage user data, and deliver personalized campaigns.

The Help Center is organized into two sections:

User Guides 📲

(For Marketers) This is where you'll find step-by-step guides to using the Leanplum dashboard — sending targeted campaigns, running A/B tests, generating analytics reports, and more.

User Guides include:

Reference Guides 🔧

(For Developers) These are your guides to integrating Leanplum with your app using Cocoapods (iOS), Gradle (Android), or manual setup.

Dev Docs include:

Technical Tutorials 🔬

After the Leanplum SDK is integrated with your app, these sample projects and walkthroughs will help you utilize our platform to recognize users send fully personalized campaigns.

Technical Turotials include:

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Leanplum Help Center

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