Email analytics

Email metrics and tracking results

Leanplum automatically tracks several metrics for your email campaigns, including opens, clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes.

What Leanplum tracks

SentThe total number of send attempts based on users who met the targeting criteria.Tracked when email is sent from our servers.
BounceNumber of confirmed failed sends. A bounce is classified as either -deferrals, soft, and hard.Tracked when send fails.
Bounce per sentNumber of bounces divided by number of sends
ClickNumber of clicks to the provided URL (typically the call to action button).

Does not include clicks on unsubscribe links (i.e. links which begin with

Note that Leanplum tracks clicks for 14 days after the message is Finished.
Tracked when a link in the email is clicked.
DeliveredNumber of occurrences the message was accepted by the receiving server (not necessarily inbox).Tracked when a message is received successfully by the server.
Delivered per sentNumber of delivers divided by number of sends
DroppedNumber of sends that were previously bounced, unsubscribed, have reported spam, or invalid email addresses. Message will not be delivered.Tracked when unsubscribe, bounce, or spam report occurs
Dropped per sentNumber of drops divided by number of sends
Marked as spamNumber of occurrences of users marking the email as spam. After the initial Marked as spam user action, messages moving forward will be dropped at that sending domain.Tracked when ISPs offer a feedback loop report the action back to our ESP. Gmail does not offer a traditional FBL.
Marked as spam per sentNumber of marked as spam divided by number of sends
OpenThe total number of email open occurrences — counts multiple opens of a single email by each userTracked when a user opens the email.
UnsubscribeNumber of unsubscribes generated by the email or campaignTracked when user unsubscribes using link at bottom of email
Unsubscribe per sentNumber of unsubscribes divided by number of sends
Unique clickNumber of users who clicked the URL. Does not include clicks on unsubscribe links
Unique click rateUnique clicks divided by number of emails sent
Unique openNumber of users who opened the email
Unique open rateUnique opens divided by sent occurrences (if users open a message more than once, this value may be more accurate than Open per sent)


Note that for emails, it's possible to have more opens than sends. This is because an email can be opened multiple times by a single user. The same goes for clicks — an email can have multiple different links, and users can click each link multiple times.

Where to see your results

All of your sent messages are visible in the left sidebar of the Analytics dashboard.


The Analytics view gives you access to all Email metrics, and the ability to create your own. Selecting one of the tiles updates the graph to show you the change over time.

The Analytics dashboard also lets you filter, group by, and slice the data as you please. See Analytics overview for more information.


Standard email metric tiles.


The Analytics view

  • Is updated every 2 to 4 hours, so it may lag behind the counts in the Message Composer and Message Overview.
  • May be delayed if receiving inbox providers temporarily defer (common due to extreme spikes in volume or IP warming) the mail . Our ESP will continue attempting to deliver the email for 72 hours. After this time, mail not accepted by inbox providers will fail out affecting your Delivered per sent rate.

Understanding the numbers

Sends and opens

It's possible for the number of Opens for your email campaign to be larger than Sends because Opens are not Unique Opens, and your users might open an email more than once.


The Unique Open Rate is not likely to provide meaningful results when viewing the numbers day-by-day because it's the number of unique users on that day divided by the number of emails sent on that day. Since your users may read your email several days after you send it, it's best to view the aggregate results of a campaign instead.

Sends and clicks

Similarly, it's possible to see more Clicks than Sends when looking at your numbers. You may have multiple links in your email (with each clicked link being tracked). It's entirely possible a user clicked multiple links, or the same link more than once.

Clicks without opens?

Opens aren't tallied unless all images and text are loaded, and because some email clients do not display images by default, it's possible for someone to Click a link without fully "Opening" your email because the client did not download the images.