Technical FAQ

What are the browser and computer requirements for Leanplum Dashboard?

Leanplum Dashboard supports the following up-to-date modern browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Microsoft Edge

It is recommended to keep your browser updated! Your browser will notify you if there is a new version available.

To ensure browser security, follow all browser and operating system security policies established by your organization.


Any browser you use needs to have cookies and JavaScript turned on.

The dashobard UI was optimized for desktop use, so using small form factors such as phones may not be optimal. For best performance, access Leanplum Dashboard with a computer and operating system that supports and can run the latest compatible browsers. It is recommended to use a computer with at least 2GB of RAM and screen resolution of at least 1280 x 720 pixels.

Where are my API keys?

First, go to app settings. In the main navigation select Development -> App Settings.

What data does the SDK capture by default?

The Leanplum SDKs capture a number of user attributes, device attributes and events out of the box.
Full list of the device and user attributes can be found in User and device info
Full list of the Leanplum default events can be found in Leanplum events

What date timestamp formats are accepted by Leanplum's API?

We accept UNIX timestamps in your API request.

What happens when the same user logs into multiple devices?

See Handling same user login on different devices.

How can I view logs?

Using the development key in your app or the API will tell Leanplum to send the data to the development/test pipeline. This data will be processed in real time and displayed in the debugger for validation. It is specific to your app and Leanplum dashboard.

How do I delete a tracked event from the dashboard?

See Delete and deprecate event names for more info.

Can I import historical data into Leanplum?

Apps cannot use the API to send us historical data. Contact us and we will be glad to upload the historical data for you.

What is the performance impact on my app?

We've profiled and tuned our SDKs to have as little performance impact as possible. All API calls are made asynchronously, so they do not block the execution of the app. If you need a variable at startup, you decide if you'd like to wait for it. We also provide a method to adjust the timeout, so you can be sure users aren't waiting too long if there are network issues.

How do you deal with cheaters?

On our iOS, Android, and Unity SDKs, we encrypt the variables on the device so that they cannot be viewed or modified by end users. In addition, our API server uses SSL encryption. We also have ways to detect users who modify the clock on their device and ignore those sessions for reporting purposes.

How do I view traffic source information?

We have an API that can collect traffic source fields from mobile attribution partners. We currently have attribution integrations with: