To debug SDK or API traffic requests to Leanplum, set the clientKey to your development key and devMode=true (we automatically do this in the SDK), and most importantly be sure to set the userId and/or deviceId to a test user/device. If you use a real user when debugging, Leanplum will convert that user profile to a developer account.

These requests will be visible in the Dashboard Debugger console (as shown below).

A few other notes on the Debugger:

  • The user/deviceId sent will be set to a developer account on the Leanplum dashboard
  • All session and tracking info from these requests will not be tracked as real user data
  • All of data activity will be sent in our development pipeline and displayed in the separate analytics section, Developer Activity.
  • Data is processed in real time with the last 50 requests (track, start, setUserAttributes etc.) in the last 24 hours being displayed

Access Debugger from Navigation -> Development -> Debugger


Debugging Quick Tip:

Do not set devMode=true for any API request that involves a real device or user. Only use it with test devices or developer accounts.