Send a universal link in Email

Universal links (for iOS 9 and above) and Android App Links (for Android M and above) provide a deeplink bridge between web pages and mobile apps. If a user already has your mobile app installed on their phone, then the universal link or Android App Link will automatically open inside the app. If the user does not have your app installed, the link will open in a web browser instead (Safari for iOS, Chrome for Android). This makes it easier for you to engage users across platforms.

To use universal links and Android App Links, you'll need to do two things:

  1. Configure your mobile app's code to support universal links. See the links above for details about configuring your iOS or Android app.
  2. Disable link tracking to enable universal linking with SendGrid (see instructions below).


Universal links are not currently supported on for iOS push notifications and in-app messages from Leanplum. You can use deeplinks instead for iOS push and in-app messages (using a custom URL scheme). Universal links are supported only in the email itself for iOS.

Enable link tracking in the email composer

By default universal links do not work together with click tracking. You can disable the clicktracking by adding "clicktracking=off" to the anchor tag of the link which will solve the issue, but won't provide any click statistics for your universal links. If you would like to still be able to count clicks on universal links in Leanplum dashboard, you can follow the guide provided by our ESP Sendgrid:

Please note that the setup outlined in the Sendgrid guide is not related to Leanplum and we can provide only limited support on the steps required to complete it. Once the setup is completed as described, to get universal links and Android App Links working with SendGrid, you’ll need to go into the HTML source code for your email and edit the URL by hand and add universal="true" to the tag.

<a universal="true" href="">link to your site</a> multi-platform deep links


Universal links with

See here for more on setting up multi-platform deep links with Branch.