How to delight users by recognizing achievements

This example shows an in-app message to users once they trigger the "completed review" event 10 times, thanking them for their contribution and offering a thank-you gift in return.

  1. Go to Campaigns and click the Create Campaign button.
  2. Choose In-App as the message type, and select the Center Popup template.
  3. Name the campaign, for example: "Achievement in-app campaign".
  1. Customize the message. For example, "Congrats! You've completed 10 product reviews!"
  1. Leave Audience to "All Users."
  1. Under Display trigger, select User triggers event.
  2. Enter the value for the event the user must complete to trigger the message (e.g., "Complete Review").
  3. Set the Limits to When trigger occurs exactly N times, and enter 10 as the limit.
  1. Review & start the campaign.