Leanplum's user guides and developer documentation.

Initial setup

SDK setup and configuration for iOS, Android, Unity, and JavaScript

Install our SDK

Integrating the Leanplum SDK is quick and easy. A developer can hook up your app with Cocoapods (iOS) or Gradle (Android), or we also have manual setup options for iOS and Android.

Add the Leanplum SDK to your app with Cocoapods (iOS) or Gradle (Android)

The first thing to do is instrument the Leanplum start call. This will enable messaging support as well as the ability to define custom variables that you can change on the fly. Make sure to review our guide on tracking with Leanplum to make the most out of our platform.


See full setup guides for all four supported platforms.


For best results and access to all features, you should use the following versions.

SDK version


2.0.3 or higher


4.2.0 or higher


1.4.4 or higher

Your Customer Success Manager will cover implementation best practices during your initial kickoff call and technical kickoff call. You can always contact us at support@leanplum.com.