SDK Integration

What to expect from your SDK Integration

Integrating with the Leanplum SDK (software development kit) is quick and easy! Quite simply, the Leanplum SDKs are wrappers for the Leanplum API. With five native SDKs, Leanplum allows you and your development team to quickly connect your app to the Leanplum ecosystem.

The First Step

The first step to integrating is for your development team to walk through the quickstart guides below. At the end of these guides, they will implement the Leanplum start call and that is where the magic starts! Once enabled, you will have access to all the Leanplum messaging options and be able to define custom variables to change elements on the fly.

Quick Start Guides

Below you will see links to our four quick start guides

SDK Versions

For best results and to access the latest features, use the following versions of the SDK as outlined in the quick start guides

PlatformSDK Version

Your Customer Success Manager and Implementation Engineer will cover integration best practices during your initial kickoff call and technical kickoff call.

Next, continue reading to find and using the right API Keys that connect you to your Leanplum dashboard