Set up multi-platform deep links for push and email using and Leanplum


Set up deep links with and Leanplum

See here for the full guide on setting up Branch deep links with Leanplum. Or reach out to Branch support to get help with setting up Branch links.

In case you need help with your click tracking domain name, please reach out to Leanplum support. allows you to automatically convert your email links into multi-platform deep links that take app users directly to content in your mobile app, while maintaining the same web experience for desktop and mobile users without the app. You can also use Branch links with Leanplum push notifications, so that tapping a push takes the user to a specific screen in your app.

When a user who has your app clicks the link, it will direct that user into the relevant in-app content regardless of platform or email client.


When a user without the app clicks a link, it will route that user to the original web URL (including on desktop).


To set up multi-platform deeplinks, it must be possible to map your web URL content (e.g. a page with brown loafers at into a working deep link that takes users to brown loafers in the app. Branch's Deep Linked Email setup flow will attempt to automatically detect this mapping for you, but if you don't want to set this up, you can also choose to have your links open to app homepage.