Drag and Drop email editor

The Drag and Drop Email Editor allows you to build device-responsive email templates quickly and easily — no CSS or HTML required. If you prefer working with HTML, see the HTML email editor.

Once you've chosen Email as your channel in the Campaign Composer, select a template and start building. You can customize an existing template, or create a new template from scratch.


Add content

Once you've selected a template, click Open Drag and Drop Email Editor to enter the Editor.

Grab a content block from the menu and drag it into the template on the left. The blue divider will indicate where the content is going to be dropped.


Content — choose the type of content block to add to your email (text, image, button, raw HTML, etc.).

Rows — add new rows or columns to your email. For example, display an image block and text block side-by-side by dropping a 2-column row into your email.

Settings — set general style preferences for the entire email, such as default font and background color. This can save time by preventing you from having to add styling to each individual block in the email.

Edit content

Click on any element in your template to see your customization options, such as image sizes, padding, and text formatting options.

Edit text. Click into a text box to reveal the formatting menu for text. You can add links, bold or italicize, change size or font, and make other changes to your text.


Copy, move, or delete content

Click into a block to see the blue move, copy, and delete icons. To move a block within the email, click and drag the arrow icon until the block is where you want it.


Add personalized values

Personalize the content of your email by inserting Leanplum values. For example, emails with a user’s first name are more likely to be opened than general ones.

  1. Click into a text block. Place your cursor where you want to add the value.
  2. In the text editor bar, click More > Insert Value.
  3. Select the value you want to insert and click "OK."

For more about Leanplum values, see Personalize a message.

Add an unsubscribe link

Click Special links in the text formatting bar to add an unsubscribe link. There should be an unsubscribe link in all of your marketing emails.


Download HTML

To convert your Drag and Drop email to HTML, click the Download HTML button.


The email will download as a webpage. Right-click on the webpage and select "Inspect" to view the full HTML for the email.

From there, you can copy and paste the HTML into a preview tool or other editor.

Save your changes

Click "Save Changes," and your email is ready to be sent in a campaign.

If you began by creating a new Drag and Drop template, your email template will now appear in your Template Manager for future use.


You can freely customize emails from the Campaign Composer without overwriting the original template. Templates will still be saved in your Template Manager.