Mixpanel is a product analytics solution, which helps businesses innovate faster by analyzing, measuring, and improving their customer experience.

By using Leanplum together with Mixpanel, marketing teams can connect cohorts created in Mixpanel to Leanplum and enhance the data flowing into Mixpanel by sending marketing activity data from Leanplum to Mixpanel.

Supported Integrations

Read more about the supported pre-built connectors between Leanplum and Mixpanel:

Matching Users between Leanplum and Mixpanel

If you use a different system of user identifiers for Mixpanel's distinct_id as compared to Leanplum's user ID, the user's Mixpanel profile must contain a user property, "$leanplum_user_id", whose value is a string representing that person's user ID in Leanplum.

In addition, Mixpanel will also alias the value of "$leanplum_user_id" to the user's distinct_id when setting that user property. This ensures that messaging data passed from Leanplum to Mixpanel still attributes to the correct user.

If you use the same system of user identifiers in both tools, meaning a user has the same ID string in both products, you do not have to declare "$leanplum_user_id". The users' Mixpanel distinct_id will still be sent in the cohort export, and Leanplum will attempt to match users on this value instead.

To read more about user identities in Mixpanel, go to: https://help.mixpanel.com/hc/en-us/articles/360050702631-Leanplum-Integration#matching-users-between-leanplum-and-mixpanel

For more information, get in touch with your Leanplum CSM.