Inkit Integration

Inkit and Leanplum empower organizations to securely generate and distribute documents - both digitally as well as via direct mail. Automatically create and send electronic documents like invoices, reports, notices, and more via magic link or e-delivery. Or generate and send documents for e-signature, storage, postcards, letters, and more, all powered by the Inkit integration for Leanplum.

The Inkit webhook can be built as long as you have a pre-existing Leanplum account set up.


  1. To set up the integration, you first need to create an Inkit API key and the ID of the Inkit template you’d like to use to send your mail.
    To find your Inkit API Key after you follow the creating instructions, click on the Development tab in the sidebar.
    To get your template ID, open the template in your Inkit account. The Template ID can be found in the Templates tab.
    For example, you might create a template called invoice_template in the Inkit environment with the template id: tmpl_3bDScFl9cwr3OAVR1RSdEC.
  2. In the Leanplum Messaging dashboard, click "Create Message" and select "Webhook" as the message type.
  3. Fill in the webhook with an HTTP Header for the Authorization key-value pair with your API key from Inkit.

Add the following mandatory fields to specify the recipient, using built-in and custom properties in your platform, and the template which should be sent out:

  • User profile fields
  • first_name
  • last_name
  • address
  • address2
  • city
  • state (must be a 2 character code, e.g. CA)
  • zip
  • country (must be a 2 character code, e.g. US)
  • template_id (Template ID from Inkit’s end)
  • api_token (Your Inkit API key)

You're now ready to securely generate and distribute documents with Inkit and your connected platform.