Recency & Frequency

This article explains how to get started with Recency & Frequency, which allows you to target users based on all event occurrences with their parameters going up to 90 days back.


Recency & Frequency for Campaigns

All audiences using Recency & Frequency are only available for Scheduled and Recurring campaigns from the Campaigns page. Recency & Frequency is not available for sub-audience targeting within campaigns.

New events data is available on daily basis at 7 am UTC. For example, if an event gets tracked at 2 pm UTC on Aug 21, it will be available for R&F as of 7 am UTC on Aug 22.


The below-listed parameters are reserved for Leanplum and can not be used with the Recency & Frequency feature:

"Email Category",

Getting started

In order to get started with Recency & Frequency, you have to enable your events for it. To do that, go to your Events page and select the events you want to use for Recency & Frequency. To learn more, go to: Events for R&F

Newly configured events start with 30 days of full history and take 60 days to build to the limit of 90 days.

Build your first audience with Recency & Frequency

So, you have already enabled Recency & Frequency from the Events page. Let's build your first audience together:

  1. On your Audiences page, click on Create Audience then add a rule and select Recent occurrences of event which you can find under Recency & Frequency.
  2. Select one of the events available for Recency & Frequency
  3. Click on Add Parameter to browse through the available parameters
  4. Once you are done with your segmentation rules, you can click on Refresh Data to see reachability metrics for your audience
  5. Save your audience

Target your audience with a campaign

The fastest way to create a campaign to target your newly created audience is via the quick actions on your Audience Dashboard.
Alternatively, you can go to Campaigns, start creating a new campaign, and select your newly created audience as the target.