How to increase holiday spend

This example sends a push notification campaign to all users on a specific day, such as a holiday, reminding users to engage with your app.

  1. Navigate to the Campaigns tab of the dashboard and click Create Campaign.
  1. Choose Push notification as the message type. Name the campaign (for example, “Holiday Promotion”).
  1. Customize the push content. For example, "Celebrate Thanksgiving with us today! See what's new!"
  1. Set Audience to All Users
  1. Choose an Open action. You can select Open app, or if you want to direct the user to a specific coupon on product page, select Open to URL and specify the deeplink.
  2. Under Delivery, choose One Time. Choose the day and time you want to schedule the push notification, or select Optimal time.
  3. Click Review & Publish in the top right corner to publish the campaign.