Xiaomi integration


This feature is part of a Beta program, contact your CSM or [email protected] to get enrolled.

Note that MiPush integration requires using Leanplum Android SDK version 5.6.2 and above.

Xiaomi and other Chinese OEMs actively restrict background app processes on an OS level which negatively impacts push notification delivery rates when the notification is sent via the traditional Firebase Cloud Messaging channel.
To improve the delivery of push notifications to users on Xiaomi devices we have integrated with their proprietary push service MiPush. Notifications sent via MiPush are delivered to the user's device without relying on the app being active in the background.

See Xiaomi MiPush Integration for more information on how to set up your MiPush integration. Once the integration is completed you will be able to select sending push notifications to users on Xiaomi devices via MiPush when composing your campaigns.


Xiaomi MiPush limitations

  1. Push notifications sent through MiPush services are Notification bar type of messages that do not support rich content. This means that if you include an image in your push content and you have selected Use Xiaomi MiPush, the image will not be displayed only on Xiaomi devices but will be delivered to all other device brands as usual.

  2. The title of push notifications sent through MiPush services is set by default to your app's server name which may differ from your app name. To ensure that your desired title is displayed follow the steps under section Add a data field called "title" to customize it. Note: Push customizer is not available for messages sent through Xiaomi MiPush.