Previewing content in Leanplum

Testing and previewing your messages, variables, and A/B tests

When sending out messages, A/B tests, variables, and other content with Leanplum, it's important to test your content on a real device. Testing should be a part of your team's QA process before sending content to your actual users. See below for more tips on testing different types of content in Leanplum.

Registered test devices

To preview changes on a device, you'll have to register one or more test devices through the Leanplum dashboard. See Register your test device for more on getting set up.


Running the app in development mode on a registered test device allows you to preview all types of messages. Test devices using a production key can only preview push notifications and email messages. See more on using development and production keys.

Previewing messages

Once you have a registered test device set up, you can send message previews to your device from the Preview & Test section.


Click Send Preview to view that message on your registered test devices.

In-app message preview

To preview in-app messages with the Send Preview button, you must use a registered test device with the app open. The app must be running with Leanplum configured in development mode.

As an alternative, you can setup a Triggered Campaign with your test users in the Audience and publish it, so they can trigger and preview it normally.

Push notification preview

With push notifications, the Send Preview button will send a preview to any registered test devices.


Push notification troubleshooting

Push notifications go through a lot of checks and delivery settings before they get sent. Check out our Push notification troubleshooting guide for help with testing push notifications.

Email preview

To preview email, click Send Preview then enter an email address to send the message to. We recommend opening the email on multiple device types to preview on different screen sizes.


Note that email preview activity will count towards your message's delivered, open, and click rates.


Email troubleshooting

Check out Email troubleshooting for help with email preview and delivery settings.

Previewing A/B tests πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬

You can view different A/B test experiences from the A/B testing page. To see a test experience on your test device, select the eye icon in the control or variant column. See Preview an A/B test on your device for detailed instructions.


You can also force yourself or other team members into a test group for an active or live A/B test. See Adding specific users to a test to learn how to add someone to a test from their user profile.

Previewing variables πŸ€–

Similar to A/B tests, you can preview variable changes before publishing them by selecting the eye icon in the override or default column of the Variables table. Preview changes on your test device before you publish changes.


For more about variable changes, see Syncing variables to Leanplum.


Use caution when syncing with a developer device

Each time you run the app in development mode on a registered test device, Leanplum checks for changes in variables syncs with the last version of the app run. To prevent old variables from accidentally syncing, do a clean install of the newest version of your app when syncing variables from a developer device.

You can also sync variables via our API to prevent test devices from overwriting your variables. Talk to your CSM about Preserving variables if you are interested in syncing variables manually.