Campaign flow

Campaign Flow occupies the right half of the Campaign results screen.

Campaign Flow helps visualize how users progress through a campaign. This gives insight into which actions are strongest (resulting in high conversion rates) and which aren't so successful.

A line connects each subsequent action in the campaign, showing the customer journey as a funnel progressing from step to step.


How to read Campaign Flow


Users who entered the campaign: At the top of the flow is the total number of users who entered the campaign.
Total conversions: In the bottom right where the flow lines converge, you can see the total number of conversions that occurred within your campaign or what we call it's attribution window.


How many users progressed from one action to the next? That depends on how thick the line is between them. The thickness of the flow line represents the percentage of your campaign audience that was sent an action. A thicker line means a higher percentage, while a thin line means minimal people progressed to that step.

If you see a dotted line, the action hasn't been sent yet.


When the flow line is green, at least one user triggered a conversion event after receiving that action (within the attribution window). Again, the thicker the green flow line, the more users converted as a result of this action. This way you can visually compare which message drives more conversions.

In the screenshot above, the right action (Push Notification #2) has a thick green line emerging from it. That means the push message was very successful in driving conversions. Now look closer at the action card, and you can see the exact number of conversions was 29,817.


Specify Conversion Event

For this to work, you'll need to have specified a Conversion Event when setting up your campaign.

Customize your flow

Show Conversions

Display or hide the green conversion lines between actions. Click Settings to check/uncheck this option.

Show Entries

Display or hide the total sends and send rate for each individual action. Click Settings to check/uncheck this option.


How "Show Entries" appears when enabled

Show Sub-Delivery Options

Display or hide the sub-delivery options above each action. Click Settings to check/uncheck this option.


Show Icons Only

By default, the action's name, number of entries, and number of conversions are displayed. Check "Show Icons Only" to see only the action icon.


"Show Icons Only" unchecked β†’ checked

View detailed action metrics

Click any action card to view its detailed performance metrics in the Overview panel on the left.



Click Fullscreen to view only the Campaign Flow in your Results tab.

Zoom in/out

Click the +/- magnifying glass buttons in the lower right to view your campaign at different levels.