Attribution window

When a user receives the last action they're eligible for in a campaign, the Attribution window determines how long afterward you can count their activity toward your campaign's conversion metrics. Finishing a campaign doesn't finish the ongoing attribution window.


Users cannot re-enter the campaign again until the Attribution window ends for them.

The Attribution window begins when a user receives the final action or message for them in the campaign (i.e., there are no more messages or actions that a particular user can receive).

It could be a user's final action for any reason:

  • They reached the last action in the entire campaign.
  • The user's target status disqualified them from all remaining messages.
  • They missed a previous action. (To receive an action, a user must have received all preceding actions in a chain.)

The Attribution window ends

  • When a user performs your Conversion event in a single conversion campaign.
  • When the user reaches an Exit action.
  • When the user has no additional actions scheduled and the Attribution window expires.


Users can re-enter a campaign multiple times, but only after they finish both the campaign and the Attribution window. To prevent campaign re-entry, you can set an Entry Limit of one entry per user.


Attribution Window and Recurring delivery

The Attribution window setting is not available in the Recurring delivery config. For recurring campaigns only, the attribution window is set automatically to 0 days.

Let's assume there's a 7-day Attribution Window:

  • A user receives the last action in the campaign, and 3 days later they complete the conversion event. This user counts towards your campaign’s conversion metrics.

  • A user receives the last action in the campaign, then 8 days later they perform the conversion event. This user does not count as a conversion in your campaign's analytics.

  • A user receives the first action in the campaign but doesn’t qualify for any of the following actions. That user has 7 days from the first action (their last interaction with the campaign) to perform the conversion event and count as a campaign conversion.

  • A user receives a message from your campaign on Tuesday, then the Campaign's End date passes on Thursday. The user has until the following Tuesday (seven days after their last campaign interaction) to convert and count towards your campaign's conversion metric.