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Preview an A/B test on your device

When setting up or editing an A/B test, Leanplum lets you preview the control and variant settings on your test devices, even as you edit.

Before getting started, you'll need to Register your test device.

Preview a test experience (variant or control)

To preview the settings:

  1. Configure the A/B test control and variant(s) with the settings you want to test.
  2. Start your app on your test device or emulator.
  3. At the very bottom of the A/B test page, there is a small eye icon in each column for the control and variant(s).
  1. To preview a test group, or to switch between control and variants, click eye icon for that test group.
  1. A device icon (or several) matching your devices will appear to show which group you are currently enrolled in.
  1. Force quit your app. (You must do this to see the changes.)
  2. Re-open your app to preview that test group's settings.
  3. To stop previewing the A/B test on your device, simply re-click the eye icon to remove that configuration from your device.

Preview a specific message in a test

To preview a specific message version immediately, hit the play button next to the message version in the A/B test table.

This will send the message version from the test to your registered test devices. Make sure the app is open to preview in-app messages. See previewing messages for more on message previews.

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Preview an A/B test on your device

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