Messaging With Leanplum

Introduction to Messaging with Leanplum

With Leanplum's messaging features, you can send customized messages to users and then analyze your results from the Leanplum dashboard. You can also send messages manually via our API, depending on your organization's needs.

In Leanplum there are a number of messaging channels that allow you to engage with your end-user. For more on each of our messaging channels, see below:

In-App Messages

Leanplum comes with a number of in-app message templates out of the box in the SDK. The standard message types include alerts, confirmation, popup, and full-screen interstitial messages. For other use cases, you can create your own custom templates.

To enable in-app messaging, you will simply only need to integrate the Leanplum SDK and run your app at least once in development mode. Once integrated, you will be able to trigger in-app messages based on any custom event you send to Leanplum OR any lifecycle event the Leanplum SDK captures (ie: app starts).

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Push Notifications

Push notifications allow you to deliver your message directly to your user’s device without them being actively engaged in your app. Setting up push notifications with Leanplum will allow you to send notifications through the Leanplum dashboard or with the REST API.

Learn more on the set up of Push Notifications in the article.


Email with Leanplum is an add-on feature that must be activated before you can get started. After adding and enabling email, your company will be able to send emails with Leanplum. Part of the setup will be to provide a dedicated IP address for sending email, which includes performing some domain name (DNS) configuration. Don’t worry tho, our email support team will work with you through this process, which typically takes several business days. Talk to your CSM and Activation team if you have more questions on this.

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App Inbox

App Inbox is a standalone messaging channel allowing you to send messages to users in your app, similar to an email inbox. This doesn't require push certificates and you can store messages for long periods of time.

With the Leanplum App Inbox, you can connect Leanplum with your inbox and fit your app's branding and goals with a few lines of code.

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