Lifecycle Campaign analytics

To measure the success of Lifecycle Campaigns, Leanplum provides a high-level success rate on the Messaging page and in-depth analytics via the Analytics page.

On the Messaging page you will see a list of all Lifecycle Campaigns in the table with your messages. Also in the main Messaging table, you can find some high-level metrics like a Sent count and an Engagement Rate.


Hover over the Message Table's row to reveal Analytics and Edit.

To see a deeper dive into your campaign's results, go to the Analytics page either by clicking Analytics on the right side of the Campaign's row in the main Messaging table or by going to the Analytics dashboard directly and selecting your campaign from the sidebar.

Campaign metrics

Event nameDefinitionTiming
EnterNumber of times users entered the campaignTracked when users enter campaign
ExitNumber of times users exited the campaignTracked when users exit campaign
Exit rateRatio of exits to entrances.
100 x (Total Exit occurrences / Total Enter occurrences)


Although completing the Entrance Trigger action makes a user eligible to be included in a Lifecycle Campaign, they are only counted as having entered the campaign upon receiving the first message in that campaign (or, when A/B testing a Lifecycle Campaign, upon the moment a user received or would have received the message, if they are in a variant that does not have the campaign enabled).

The reasoning here is that if a user completes the entrance trigger, and then completes the exit trigger before receiving a message, they should not be counted as having successfully exited the Lifecycle Campaign since the campaign itself had no impact on the user's behavior.


In the Analytics section, you’ll find the following data for each Lifecycle Campaign:

  • Campaign-level metrics:
  • Enter count
  • Exit count
  • Exit percentage rate
  • Message-by-message metrics (for each individual message in the Lifecycle campaign, and depending on the message type):
  • Sent count (push and email)
  • Open count (push and email)
  • Bounce count (push and email)
  • Bounce per sent percentage rate (push and email)
  • Open per sent percentage rate (push and email)
  • View count (in-app message)
  • Accept count (in-app message)
  • Accept per view percentage rate (in-app message)

To track events for each individual message in a campaign, look at the analytics for the individual messages.

See Analytics FAQ for more. For help analyzing your Lifecycle campaigns, contact [email protected].