In-app message analytics

In-app messages

Alert, Center Pop-up, Confirm, Interstitial, Push-ask-to-ask, and Newsfeed messages include some or all of these metrics by default, depending on the in-app message type.

Event nameDefinitionTiming
ViewNumber of messages sent and displayed on users' devicesTracked when user sees message/ triggers the in-app to fire
AcceptNumber of times "Accept" button was selectedTracked when users select the "Yes" button on a Confirm message
Accept per viewNumber of accepts divided by number of views


The confirm message only tracks the Accept event, not the cancel. To trigger another action (sub-delivery) or track a Cancel event for a two button message, use the Rich Interstitial in-app message template, which allows you to customize both buttons and track events for each.


Note on webhooks

Webhook messages will only have a sent metric — no open or bounce metrics.

Rich in-app messages

These templates (Banner, Rich Interstitial, Star Rating) must be activated by your CSM before they are available in your dashboard. Once you are whitelisted for Rich in-app messages, these messages track the following events.

Event nameDefinitionTiming
Select bannerNumber of times banner was tappedTracked when users tap banner message
Select button 1Number of times users selected button 1

(If you change the text of your button, the Event name will also change accordingly)
Tracked when users select button 1
Select button 2Number of times users selected button 2Tracked when users select button 2
Select button 1 per viewNumber of selects divided by number of views
Select button 2 per viewNumber of selects divided by number of views
SubmitNumber of times users selected Submit (Star rating only)Tracked when users select Submit
ViewNumber of messages displayed on user devicesTracked when message appears

Viewing Star rating responses

Leanplum tracks each of your star rating results with a submit event called Submit. User responses are stored in the input parameter of this event, which you can view in our Analytics dashboard.

View the survey results. Select your star rating message in the Analytics dashboard, then select the “Submit” metric tile to view the number of submit occurrences. To see the actual survey results, group the submit metric by “Selected Event > Parameter” and select “input” as the parameter.


Note: Since event parameters are not tracked in development mode, you won't be able to view developer responses in Analytics. However, you can verify your parameters are being tracked correctly using the Debugger console.


Filter the results. You can filter the survey results by other metrics including user location, device type, event occurrences, and more. See how to Filter data and Available filters.


Custom in-app messages

All of the Leanplum in-app message templates are open source within our SDK. You can modify any of Leanplum's existing templates or build your own from scratch to match the look and feel of your app. 

You can also configure what events and metrics are tracked for your custom templates. See customizing an out-of-the box message template or interpreting message metrics in raw data export for more information.