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Managing Campaigns

Edit a started campaign


Editing of Scheduled campaigns

Scheduled campaigns can be edited only up to 30 minutes before campaign start time. After this time it is not possible to edit or pause any of the past and upcoming actions.

You can make changes to your campaign after starting it. This includes:

  • goal settings
  • target audiences
  • delivery settings (except schedule of recurring campaigns)
  • action settings
  • add or remove actions

However, doing so might result in different experiences delivered to the users or inconsistency in performance metrics.

Here is a list of some changes that might negatively impact your campaign:

Conversion eventsAfter the campaign was already delivered to some usersIn Campaign Results, you will see tracked conversions based on the initial conversion events before the change was made, summed up with conversions made based on the new events.
Delivery settings of Scheduled campaign30 minutes before the campaign is about to be sendChanges may not take effect for all users. For example, if a campaign is scheduled to be send at 5PM and you make changes at 4:40PM so the start time is 6PM, some users might still receive the campaign at 5PM. Note that scheduling a campaign in Optimal Time or User's Timezone makes this change especially risky, since your users are assigned an individual send time.
Content or any action settings, add or remove action30 minutes before the campaign is about to be sendSimilar to changing the delivery settings of scheduled campaign, changing any content or other action settings might result in inconsistent experience sent to the target segment. Specifically, some users might receive the old version if their send time was just before you made the changes.

After making changes to an active campaign, a gold bar will appear to alert you that your changes aren't live yet. Edits will be held in draft status until published or discarded.

Switch between draft and published version

To switch between edit mode and published campaign, use the Unpublished and Published tabs in the gold bar.

Publish changes

To publish and save changes to the active campaign, click Publish Changes button in the title bar.

Discard changes

Click Discard Changes button in the title bar to leave the campaign how it was.

Pause a campaign

To pause a started campaign, open the campaign and click the Pause button in the title bar.

Pausing prevents actions from being sent, but does not stop the delivery timer for any users in the campaign.

If a campaign is paused on Day 2, then restarted on Day 7, users already in the campaign would not receive a Day 5 action.


Pausing a campaign too long can prevent users from receiving campaign actions. If a user misses a single action in a chain, they will not receive any subsequent actions.

Restarting the campaign allows new users to enter the campaign, and actions to be sent. However, any users that enter the campaign before it is paused receive actions only if they have not missed the delivery time for any actions in the chain.

Finish a campaign

To finish a campaign, open the campaign and click the End Campaign button in the title bar.


If you have an A/B test in a campaign, you must finish the A/B test before you can finish the campaign.

Finishing a campaign ends the campaign for all users β€” users halfway through your campaign do not receive any further actions in the campaign.

Once a campaign is finished, you cannot edit, rename, or restart it. To send out the campaign again, you can Duplicate the campaign, then update its delivery settings to fit your needs.

Rename a campaign

New campaigns are automatically called [Your Name] [time and date created].

To rename your campaign something more memorable:

  1. Open the campaign
  2. Click the title on top or from the β€’β€’β€’ (More Options) dropdown in the title bar, select Campaign Settings
  3. Enter the new campaign name and click Save

Add campaign labels


Contact your CSM if you'd like to activate campaign labels.

Labels give you an easy way to filter and organize your campaigns. You can assign any custom label you want to your campaigns, such as "onboarding," "new marketing initiative," or "created by me."

To label your campaign:

  1. Open the campaign
  2. Click the title on top or from the β€’β€’β€’ (More Options) dropdown in the title bar, select Campaign Settings
  3. Select from a list of pre-existing labels or type in a new label and click Save

View campaign summary

To view a summary of the campaign:

  1. Open the campaign
  2. From the β€’β€’β€’ (More Options) dropdown in the title bar, select View Campaign Summary
  3. A dialog containing summary and validation information appears

As you review Campaign Summary, look for any warning or error flags. These warnings are designed to ensure you've completed all the steps required for a successful campaign. Click the flag icon to see an explanation of the error.

You can also click any of the summary tiles to edit your Goal, Target Audience, Delivery, or Actions. After you select a tile, close the dialog to proceed with editing.

Duplicate a campaign

Duplicating a campaign creates a copy of the campaign with all the same settings, target audience, actions, and A/B tests.

To Duplicate a campaign:

  1. Open the campaign

  2. From the β€’β€’β€’ (More Options) dropdown in the title bar, select Duplicate Campaign

  3. In the dialog, select the app(s) you want to copy the campaign to (if applicable). By default, Leanplum copies the campaign within the current app, but you can select other apps you have access to.

    Copying across apps is beneficial if you have a test campaign in your QA app, then copy it to your Production app when it's ready to send.

  4. Give your copied campaign a new name and click Duplicate


The duplicated campaign opens in draft mode. Before publishing, make sure your original settings are appropriate for the copied campaign β€” especially if it contains app-specific user segments or trigger events.


Duplicate campaign does not copy any files used in the campaign. If you duplicate a campaign to a different app, make sure the files used are available in the destination app.

Delete a campaign

To delete a campaign:

  1. Open the campaign
  2. From the β€’β€’β€’ (More Options) dropdown in the title bar, select Delete Campaign
  3. In the confirmation dialog
    • Click Delete to permanently delete the campaign
    • Click Cancel to avoid campaign deletion


Delete removes the campaign from your Leanplum dashboard, along with all related analytics, and cannot be undone.

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Managing Campaigns

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