Select Open URL to create an action that sends users to a specific URL. You can use this feature with deeplinks, and links can be customized with handlebars to include custom values like user attributes and events. See Personalize message content for more.


Select the handlebars to automatically insert custom values.


A deeplink is a direct link to a specific location inside your app.

Let’s say you have an ecommerce app, and want to send your users a push notification when there is a deal on a popular item. You might have a deeplink schema like this, where “productID” can be replaced with an actual ID to send a user directly to a specific product page:


Dynamic links

You can make your links, even deeplinks, dynamic based on a User Attribute or Parameter values.
Using Leanplum’s Insert Value {{ functionality, you can populate the productID dynamically but you must send the product ID as a parameter value of the event which triggers the push notification. For the example above, you might want to send the user to a product they have previously viewed. You would put in a deeplink that looks like this:

ecommerceApp://product/{{Parameter “productID"}}

You now have a message that will always lead a user to the product they were recently viewing, resulting in a highly personalized experience.