Campaign entry limits

Limit how frequently a user can re-enter the same campaign. The limit timer begins when the user enters a campaign and receives the first action. Every user's entry counts towards the limit, even if the user later converts or exits out of the campaign.

Set Entry limits

To set campaign entry limits, in the Delivery step of your triggered campaign enable the Entry limits option.

Users can only enter the campaign up to __ time(s) ever.This limits the number of times a user can receive the campaign. For example, we recommend users receive a re-engagement campaign "up to 3 times ever" to prevent spamming them with repeated content.
Users can only enter the campaign once every __ Minutes/Hours/Days.This limits how frequently a user can receive a campaign. For example, a coupon or "special offer" campaign might benefit from a "30-day" limit. This will maximize your profits by preventing users from receiving too many promotions.


Users who have multiple devices may trigger an in-app or app inbox message more than the delivery limit. For example, if your limit is "Up to 5 times ever," a user could fire a message 3 times on an iPad + 4 times on a phone = 7 total sends.

If you need to prevent users from receiving the same in-app message across multiple devices, consider using an Audience/Sub-Audience instead of the delivery limit.

Same is true if multiple users share a single device - the limits will count across all of them. So a campaign limited to one-time ever won't show for the second user on the same device.