Goal category

The Goal category helps you organize your campaigns in the overview table.

When setting up your campaign, in the Create Campaign dialog choose a category that aligns best with your end goal for this specific campaign.

Once a campaign is created, you can always change the goal category via the Campaign Settings dialog - from the ••• (More Options) dropdown in the title bar, select Campaign Settings.





Make a general announcement.

  • New feature announcements
  • Technical alerts (such as scheduled downtime)
  • Email newsletters
  • Simple greetings


Onboard new users to your app.

  • Drip campaign to explain features of the app
  • In-app product walkthrough
  • Reminder for users who didn’t complete the registration process


Increase app usage.

  • Promotion of new content such as movies or music
  • Announcements for a daily tournament
  • Notification of new dating matches or nearby restaurants


Drive purchases.

  • Shopping cart abandonment campaigns
  • Sales or limited-time promotions
  • Promotion of paid features to free users


Get lapsed users back into the app.

  • Special offers for users who have not recently used app
  • Communicating new app features to users who have not recently logged in
  • Reminders about music a user favorited for users who have not recently used app


Drive other behavior, unrelated to purchases or re-engagement.

  • Campaign to drive push notifications opt-in
  • Email subscriptions, etc.
  • Campaign to increase social sharing about the product
  • Drive more app store ratings
  • Survey to collect NPS score from users


Filter by Goal Category in the Campaign Overview page

To view all campaigns that share a similar goal, you can filter by Goal Category by clicking the filter icon at the top right corner of the screen.

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