Adjust integration

Our Adjust integration lets you use additional and extended data in your Leanplum marketing.

Set up the integration

  1. First, you'll need your App ID and Client Key from Leanplum. Go to App Settings and click Keys & Settings for your app.
  2. In the Adjust dashboard, open your app settings and follow through to Partner Setup > Add Partners > Leanplum.
  3. Insert your Leanplum App ID and Client Key in this panel.

Once activated, Adjust will automatically start sending install and event callbacks to Leanplum.

Parameters transmitted to Leanplum

Once the integration is activated, these Adjust parameters will be automatically transmitted to Leanplum:

  • Raw device IDs
  • Partial tracker names
  • Timestamps
  • Revenue data (if you activate it)

Forwarding events & revenue to Leanplum

You can also choose to transmit in-app events to Leanplum. Each in-app event can be activated separately, giving you complete control of the data you share with partners.

Here's how to set it up:

  1. In your Adjust app settings, open the Leanplum panel.
  2. Select Event Linking and enter a name for each event you want to transmit to Leanplum.
    To transmit all events to Leanplum with the same names as you have set up in Adjust, you can hit the "Fill all with event names" button. You can also use the same name for multiple events. Those events will display as a single event type in the Leanplum interface.
  3. If you also want to send associated revenues to Leanplum, you can activate Revenue Forwarding by flicking the corresponding switch to "ON." Be sure to activate event forwarding for at least one of your revenue events.


Name revenue events "Purchase"

Leanplum only accepts the name “Purchase” for revenue events, and Adjust uses “Purchase” as the global revenue event name when you link a revenue event. You can change the name when linking revenue events, but they will still be sent to Leanplum as “Purchase”.

  1. Save your updated settings. Adjust will start transmitting the in-app events that you have configured.