Kochava integration

Kochava is a mobile measurement platform, which offers app attribution and app analytics.

The prebuilt connector between Kochava and Leanplum helps create more precise audiences. Kochava sends attribution data to Leanplum, which can then be used to power user segmentation, trigger automated campaigns, or personalize messages.

Setting up the integration


In order to get started with the integration, you will need your "App ID" and "Production" key, which can be found in App Settinigs -> Keys & Settings

Kochava Postbacks

Kochava-Certified Postbacks allow Kochava users to send a real-time feed of installs and in-app events to a Kochava-Certified partner.

Follow the instructions on this page and use your previously obtained "App ID" and "Production" keys to set up a new postback pointing at Leanplum

Confirm the integration is working

Once the postback has been saved on Leanplum side, it will start sending data to Leanplum. You can view the postback in Kochava to confirm it is sending data to Leanplum.

Alternatively, you can use the Audiences page to segment users based on data available from connected attribution sources.

Using the integration

Attribution data connected from Kochava is part of your user profiles in Leanplum and can be used for:

  • User segmentation using the pre-built source segmentation rules
  • Triggering automation campaigns based on a conversion from a specific campaign
  • Personalization based on attribution data