Add a preheader as Hidden Preheader Text

A preheader is a short summary that follows the subject line when an email is viewed from the user’s inbox. The summary gives the recipient insight into the email’s content before they open it.


To add preheader text to your email template, modify the following preheader code then add it in the source code within the body tag for each mailing.

<div style="display: none; font-size: 1px; color: #fefefe; line-height: 1px; font-family: 'Lato', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; max-height: 0px; max-width: 0px; opacity: 0; overflow: hidden;">
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At any time, you can preview your message by sending it to yourself, or someone you know. Click the preview button, then enter the email address you’d like to send the preview to. It defaults to your email address.


Any personalized values in a preview will be populated from the user profile associated with your test device. If you don't have a registered developer device, Leanplum will pick an arbitrary user profile from your userbase (usually the first user). Any data (including unsubscription links) will be populated for this user.