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App inbox messages

App inbox messages go to an inbox that you create in your app. There is no default UI for the inbox, so a developer can code your inbox to fit your goals and branding.

Many Leanplum users make their inbox messages lead to a full-screen message when tapped, with a Back button that leads users back to the inbox.

Many Leanplum users make their inbox messages lead to a full-screen message when tapped, with a Back button that leads users back to the inbox.

The inbox can store up to 300 messages for extended periods of time, allowing users to return to messages after the initial send. These messages stay in the inbox until your users delete them, or you can manually delete or ‘force-expire’ messages by deleting them from the Leanplum dashboard.

App inbox messages don’t require push certificates, making them an effective way to reach users who are not opted-in for push notifications. Create an app inbox branch in some of your push campaigns so users who are not opted-in for push will still receive your message once they are inside your app.

Integrating app inbox

This feature is supported on Leanplum Android SDK 1.2.17+ and Leanplum iOS SDK 1.3.8+. Once integrated, your developer can access the Inbox object by calling the appropriate Leanplum method. Developers can set up the inbox to get data, message counts, message attributes, and more.

For a full guide to integrating app inbox, see our developer docs for iOS and Android.

Create an app inbox message

To create an app inbox message, create a new campaign, or add a new action to an existing campaign and select app inbox as the action type.


The title of your message


The text below your message title


Add an image to your app inbox message

Advanced options (Data)

Pass data with your message in the form of Text, Number, Bool, Group, File, or Color. (Dictionary)

Add Open Action

You have the option of adding an Open Action, which is an app function that's delivered to users immediately after they open your app inbox message. For example, you can deep link users to the app store to leave you a review.

An Open Action can be a:

  • Push registration message
  • URL deeplink
  • App rating request

On the Edit screen, click Add Open Action and select which app function you want as your Open Action. The Open Action becomes the next action in your campaign chain.

By default, the Open Action will be delivered immediately, though you can add a delay if you want.

Deleting an inbox message

Your users can manage their own inboxes by reading and deleting your messages. You can also delete messages on behalf of your users — deleting an Inbox message from the campaign will delete it from users’ devices as well.


Determines when your Inbox message will send. This is where you set your Action delivery and Display when trigger.

See Sub-Delivery for more.

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App inbox messages

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